Hydropolis Dubai Underwater Hotel

Hydropolis is an underwater luxurious hotel and resort in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Hydropolis Dubai is the world's first underwater hotel and resort which is constructed below the Arabian Gulf and just away from Jumeirah beach. The land is owned by His highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum who is the crown prince of Dubai. Hydropolis Dubai gives an amazing experience to the viewers as it is totally and entirely a new concept of floating of a hotel on sea waters and the pleasure and pleasant experience of visitors can be absolutely beyond any imagination. The construction of Hydropolis hotel is made with concrete and steel and the entire view of waters gives both water experience as well as land experience to the visitors.

The luxury resort is 66 feet below the surface of the Persian Gulf and the total area covered by Hydropolis is 260 hectares. The estimated cost for its building is around $500 million (£300 million) and it is proposed to be rated as a ten star hotel. The entire project of Hydropolis Dubai is being developed by Crescent Hydropolis Holdings LLC, a firm which is extremely innovative with its unique and majestic objectives in giving a perfect outlook to the project of Hydropolis. The Crescent hydropolis is designed by Mr. Joachim Hauser and is an architectural marvel. Most of the architecture is similar to natural sights such as bubbles and curves. Infact the lower level structure emerges out of the water similar to a giant wave. These provide the resistance to the pressures from the sea. The shallow water, sandy sea floor and low seismic activity of the adjoining areas make the structure safe.

Hydropolis underwater hotel in Dubai has three main sections. The land station where guests are welcomed and greeted for entering into the Hydropolis hotel. It is equipped with a variety of facilities such as a cinema halls, cosmetic surgical clinic, conferencing and also a marine laboratory. The second section is a 1700 foot underwater tunnel where a noiseless passenger train runs between the land station and the underwater hotel. The third section is the hotel part which host totally 220 luxury suites and its interiors are being built on clear glass that will offer visitors a direct view of marine life in all its forms. There are also observation domes to offer an expansive view of marine life. These observation domes can bounce above the surface of the water and have retractable roofs from which one can view the blue sky as well.

The hotel is expecting nearly 3000 visitors per day who wish to take a ride in train and also take a view of the entire Hydropolis hotel area which accommodates, dining areas, entertaining areas and recreation areas. The very thought of visiting Hydropolis hotel in Dubai gives a very thrilling experience to the visitors as the idea developed is one of the best on earth till today and if this project of Hydropolis is successful there would be many more Hydropolis that lead in the other way for many other countries.

Truly, the investment of money for Hydropolis is huge but the completed project will return the rewards in an exorbitant manner and it is expected that nearly 3000 visitors per day would be visiting the Hydropolis only to see the sailing of fishes on your side.

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