Ski Dubai

Skiing has become a very popular sport over the years for the danger and the thrill involved in it. It is considered as one of the x-games and is very popular especially among the young crowd. Owing to its popularity, safer arrangements have been made for tourists, so that they can enjoy the thrill of skiing without encountering the perils involved.

Dubai being one of the popular tourist sites has the provisions of skiing for tourists in many resorts. If you want to be in a very posh and urban place and still be able to ski, Dubai is one of those places which can be your perfect destination. Dubai ski resort is the first of its kind on the Middle East. It has a whooping 22,500 square meter area with the provision for ice skiing all year round. It can be a perfect vacation for you if you like snow sports and the chill of the ice and at the same time like to be in a city wish is ultra modern in all aspects.

Ski Dubai can provide you with an experience of a life time with its unique features and facilities. Dubai snow dome is a huge project undertaken by a collaboration of government and private partnership. It is surely going to achieve a booming success in the tourism industry. To sum it up, under today’s status-quo and with the ever increasing popularity of the place you can easily refer to Dubai as your dream vacation destination.

Shiekh Zayed Road, exit 39 (4th interchange), towards Al Barsha, Dubai, UAE
Saturday - Tuesday: 10.00 - 23.00; Wednesday - Friday: 10.00 - 24.00
Admission (in AED)
  • Snow Park: Adult 60, Child 50;
  • Ski Slope (2 hours) Adult 140, Child 120;
  • Extension (per hour) Adult 30, Child 20;
  • Ski Slope Day Pass: Adult 230, Child 180;
  • Express Pass: Adult 1260, Child 1080